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We offer a broad selection of premium seed and fertilizers to increase your yield and profit per acre. Insecticides and fertilizers? Yep, we have those, too. All of our products are priced competitively.

Brix Ag Services - Aerial Application


You’ll find we can help you with different ag services including aerial, dry, and liquid applications, field scouting, and more. And, because modern farms run on reliable financing, we can assist you with cash flow.

Expert Advice and Guidance


Got a question? You can bet we’ll have an answer. Have a new idea you want to try? Run it past us. Our team’s 55 years of combined ag experience will help you with your decision-making.

Customers are Talking About Us:

“BrixAg came through for us in a big way last year. Our seed order was delivered on time, and the fertilizer was applied on our schedule. Working with their smaller, efficient, and communicative team was a great experience.”

Tom Tillerson
Tillerson Farms
Anytown, KS

Customers are Talking About Us:

“We were thinking about trying a new application on a portion of our land recently but were unsure of whether or not it might yield any benefit. We decided to talk about the idea with Bob at BrixAg. Not only did he know about the application, he helped us get started.”

Charlie Jones
Jones Family Farms
Anytown, IA